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Kimmey Wang

Zihao Kimmey Wang. A talented social entrepreneur with a background of Public Health and Preventive Medicine , he attended King’s College, The University of Cambridge. Tutored by Alan Macfarlane, FBA (Fellow of the British Academy ) 

He Founded SANDERIA Health Medical Group and Highlight Capital with Passion and a cherished desire of doing good, and now they plays a leading role in the related industries. 

His business profile currently contains not only prestigious Gene Sequencing Laboratory (M.A.R.I.E.L.) which work closely with the Chinese national Human Genome Center whom participated a big role in the Human Genome Project,HGP, but also a Capital Fund that specifically focusing on TMT & Medical industries.   

From his technical expertise and well experiences on early stage to founding companies, to his highly strength in corporation strategy and intended investment. He is aiming to bring the concept of public health into human daily lives, in order to improve human health level. 

Kimmey is a Director and his goal is to secure the functionality of business to drive extensive and sustainable growth.

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